There is No Revolution But

by Wanda Waterman There is no revolution but The inner revolution of The deeper revolution of The utter revolution of the soul, And I am only free when I Can feel that I am free to Truly know that I am free Within my soul. And now that I know this I can Begin to know the bliss of Disavowing all the fibs That haunt the land, And the forest’s fragrant hush Persuades my sleeping blood to rush Because the time For revolution is at hand. Continue reading There is No Revolution But

In Conversation With Stacey Kent, Part III

“We’ve also started working with a Portuguese poet—António Ladeira—because Jim and I have been studying Portuguese these last three years. He was our first-year grammar teacher, and he’s a great poet. After writing with Ishiguro, this became a real interest with us. We’ll work with anyone with whom we have chemistry; we just happen to be really attracted to writers as opposed to songwriters.” (Read the whole article.)   Continue reading In Conversation With Stacey Kent, Part III


The Mindful Bard: Books, Music, and Film to Wake Up Your Muse and Help You Change the World “Yes, this is the story of a specific time and place (the First Lebanon War, of 1982), but as time goes on the tank becomes the universal body and the war throbbing outside the tank becomes the human dilemma. The mission of these four boy soldiers is to make sure that a mercilessly shelled town in southern Lebanon has left no survivors, in essence to finish someone else’s genocide, and they are as vulnerable and unprepared as toddlers. . . ” (Read the … Continue reading Lebanon