Waiting for Superman (Mindful Bard Pick of the Week)

A common prejudice sees failing schools as an affliction of poor neighbourhoods, yet the film shows that failing schools are an epidemic and that the posh suburban schools are likely to be as ill-equipped to prepare children for university as are inner city schools in violent neighbourhoods. It’s even suggested that failing schools create failing neighbourhoods due to a high dropout rate that spawns growing populations of unemployable youth. (Read the whole article here.) Continue reading Waiting for Superman (Mindful Bard Pick of the Week)

CD Review of Sintonia Da Mata, by Conjunto Roque Moreira

  Books, Music, and Film to Wake Up Your Muse and Help You Change the World Wanda Waterman St. Louis “This band of Brazilian musicians is every bit as world-influenced as any self-righteous American pop celebrity, and probably more creative and socially conscious. In fact, in addition to the samba, reggae, classical, Indian, African, baião, xote, samba, embolada, repente, and bossa nova, the music also references American blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, funk, acid rock, British prog rock, and 60s folk anthems—challenging the notion that world music is any music that’s not American or British.” (Read the article.)   Continue reading CD Review of Sintonia Da Mata, by Conjunto Roque Moreira

Stacey Kent

Raconte-moi “This is an album of love songs that doesn’t portray a romance of mind games, tensions, and power struggles, but rather a celebration of the harmony between two thoughtful and like-minded souls. Its tracks breathe out a subtle, tender sensuality that rustles the musical veil, exhibiting an artistic restraint that enhances the listening experience. It’s a perfumed sea breeze after years of smog.” (Read the article.) Continue reading Stacey Kent