Gregor’s Bed— Inside the Strange and Curious Mind of The Two Part I: Mark M

Music: Triangle (2011), One Plus One (2010)

Book: Observations and Thinkings: A Collection of Mark M’s Musings (2001)

“And God (ironically) sed, ‘I am going to send to hell all those people who were stupid enough to think I was going to send (other) people to hell.’ Fred 2:23”

Mark M, in Observations and Thinkings

Mark M grew up in a stifling Peanuts-style childhood in Minneapolis. But he made up for it in later life by producing aleatoric music and scribbling down bizarre truths.

The Two has always included Mark M. He did change partners once, but the duo format remains the same. Why? Says M: “A duo is all I’ve ever done. A buddy likes to jam, hey, why don’t we try something? Neither party seems interested in expanding the line-up. I imagine logistics are much simpler in terms of getting together and whatnot than with more than two people.” (continue)

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