Whose idea was this, anyway? Mike Patton, an alternative pop culture icon dabbling in the widely disparate fields of heavy metal and serious avant-garde music, has just produced and performed in a recording of Laborintus II, a work by the late Luciano Berio, an avant-garde composer with historical ties to pop culture icons. Berio’s three-act storyless opera was first performed at Mills College in California in 1967, the same year in which Berio appeared on the cover of the Sergeant Pepper album. Continue reading LABORINTUS II


A Grumpy Dad, a Shiftless Lad, a Chance He Had Josh, the aimless teenaged son of Uriel, son of Eliezer, is being lectured by his father: I’m so close to giving up on you. You know what it means when a father gives up on his son? . . . Giving up on you means that instead of wanting to help you before it’s too late, I want to see you suffer so that I can gloat. Continue reading Footnote

In Conversation with . . . Thought Beneath Film, Part I

“The group’s name appears at first glance to be a reference to the movies, but the name in fact comes from an Emily Dickinson poem. “While studying music in university,” says Brent, “ for one of my composition assignments I composed a series of short pieces that adopted various Dickinson poems as their lyrical texts. ‘The thought beneath so slight a film’ was from one of these poems.“I felt like the poem’s connotations embodied what I was trying to do musically. On the surface my band’s songs are just simple pop tunes, but there’s more at play for those who … Continue reading In Conversation with . . . Thought Beneath Film, Part I