Song as Radiograph: The Rachid Taha Interview

“Since I started making music I’ve worked with some very interesting people, some in the field of techno-progressive music listening, and at the same time I’ve been listening to Arab singers like Oum Kalthoum. I’ve also listened to a lot of intellectuals, writers, and painters, who’ve enriched me by helping me evolve. This is my wealth.” ~Rachid Taha Continue reading Song as Radiograph: The Rachid Taha Interview

The Kiran Ahluwalia Interview

“I believe that we’re connected. We can’t ignore something horrible that’s happening to a group of people without having it come back to affect us negatively. Even though I’m a Sikh, I agree with a lot of the Buddhist philosophy says. What really touches me in the Buddhist philosophy is that ‘Life is suffering,’ which I agree with. I am a pessimist. I also agree with ‘There is a way out of suffering.’ ” Continue reading The Kiran Ahluwalia Interview

Yasmina Khadra: Le Discernement!

Qu’est-ce qui peut prévenir l’extrémisme dans une famille, une communauté ou une société? Quel est l’antidote?

Le discernement! C’est l’unique antidote. Le DISCERNEMENT. Et pour qu’il y ait discernement, il faudrait une vigilance intellectuelle, une ouverture sur la culture de l’autre, une transcendance saine et persévérante.

~Yasmina Khadra Continue reading Yasmina Khadra: Le Discernement!