30 January 2011

The Old Autocracy Meets the New Grassroots Economy, and a Terrible Beauty Is Born (Night in Tunisia: The Inevitable Eruption of a Long-standing Unrest, Part III) “. . . For all that is done and said. We know their dream; enough To know they dreamed and are dead; And what if excess of love Bewildered them till they died? . . . Now and in time to be, Wherever green is worn, Are changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born.” William Butler Yeats, “Easter”, 1916   The Mindful Bard: Books, Music, and Film to Wake Up Your Muse and Help … Continue reading 30 January 2011

15 January 2011 Jasmine Revolution

While I was working on the Tunisia article I had a bit of a rough time communicating with blogger Leena Ben Mhenni; her Facebook account was hacked and my messages kept bouncing back from her email address and eventually I conducted the interview over the phone. Meanwhile the world watched with bated breath as the former dupes rose up in wrath and made fools of the school bullies. Ya basta. And now the head bully has fled the country like a skittish colt with a firecracker tied to his tail. The world is waiting to see if the dupes will … Continue reading 15 January 2011 Jasmine Revolution

8 January 2011

They Tell My Tale to Children Now to Help Them to be Good (presentation of artist book collaboration: Susan Malmstrom’s illustrations of fairytale poems by Wanda Waterman) ARCAC Arts Tuesday ARCAC Building, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia January 11 —— 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Images from the book can be seen here. To read the poems, send an email request. Continue reading 8 January 2011