This Week’s Recommended Film: Public Speaking

Gay Connoisseurship, Democracy in Art, and the Progressive Dumbing Down of Culture In school, Fran Lebowitz was punished for reading books of sardonic essays behind her textbooks and laughing out loud. When her own essays finally got the attention they deserved, she was offered six-figure sums for books she hadn’t even written yet. Evidently the educational system not only fails to nurture genius, it also punishes and attempts to sabotage it. There are other influences besides the educational system that, according to Lebowitz, have led to the dumbing down of our culture. One is the fact that art and culture … Continue reading This Week’s Recommended Film: Public Speaking

Another Year

The blessedness of Tom and Gerri’s marriage is a bit of an anomaly in the movies (with the exception of some of Leigh’s other films, notably Life is Sweet); the surprise element elevates the status of their union from the mundane to the mythic, and they end up looking like the Greek gods Hemera (Day) and Aether (Light). (read the article) Continue reading Another Year

Recommended Film: Budrus

The Israeli army is uprooting Palestinian olive trees in order to replace them with its Separation Barrier, allegedly being built to keep West Bank suicide bombers from killing any more civilian Israelis. When the villagers try to stop the bulldozer from uprooting a tree, the tree is wrenched from the earth anyway. But just as the bulldozer driver is ready to refill the hole with dirt, young Iltezam Morrar jumps down into the hole, and the bulldozer driver has no choice but to move off. When the machine is gone, the villagers put the tree back into its hole. (read … Continue reading Recommended Film: Budrus

True Grit

The Mindful Bard: True Grit Books, Music, and Film to Wake Up Your Muse and Help You Change the World Wanda Waterman Film: True Grit (2010) When a social upheaval reaches an unnerving crescendo, those who must endure it often long for heroes who embody iron will and superlative physical and mental skills. Some of us dream of a Captain America, but I (and judging from the box office, many others) prefer to dream of a Mattie Ross. (read more) Writers/Directors: Ethan and Joel Coen Cast: Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper, and Hailee Steinfeld “MATTIE ROSS: I just spent last night … Continue reading True Grit