“Rooftop Angels” (for Rita’s birthday)

My sister Rita passed away in 2017. June 13th was her birthday. She’d often referred to herself as a “Down’s syndrome angel,” and so as I was missing her I imagined Down’s syndrome angels dancing across the flat rooftops just outside my window. I wrote a poem about it, and not much later Reynalds Leroux of Bordeaux, France, sent me a beautiful composition and asked me to write lyrics for it. The music was perfect for the poem. I decided to make a video with a few of Rita’s drawings. She was the most prolific artist I have ever known, … Continue reading “Rooftop Angels” (for Rita’s birthday)

Sam Baker—Angels. For Bombing Victims. Everywhere

I remembered this when terrorists attacked the Bardo Museum, just 15 minutes from my home in Manouba, Tunisia, resulting in the deaths of 22 people, mostly foreign tourists. Especially touching was the loss of a small boy from Columbia. And the bodies of the teenagers incited to sacrifice themselves to an ideology they didn’t understand. As Sam puts it, “Everyone is at the mercy of another one’s dream.” Continue reading Sam Baker—Angels. For Bombing Victims. Everywhere