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The BlissBliss Interview

BlissBliss is the husband-and-wife duo Lang and Renee Bliss, music industry veterans known for a sophisticated jazzy pop sound that’s the perfect vehicle for their upbeat, triumphant-sounding lyrics. Continue reading The BlissBliss Interview


The Mouths of Babes Interview

“Songwriting has a magical quality about it sometimes that still surprises me. There’s a way that words can flow out before I think of them and before I know what they mean, and then I write them down and all by themselves they make something beautiful, and they make sense, and they rhyme.” ~Ty Greenstein of Mouths of Babes Continue reading The Mouths of Babes Interview

The Darryl Klassen (J.D. Miner) Interview

“Art for it’s own sake would be an immoral, or at best an irresponsible waste of time that should be spent on more important things. I think we all have a responsibility to use whatever we’ve been given to respond to suffering and evil in the world, probably starting in, but not limited to our own neighbourhood. Everyone, the artist no more, no less.” ~Darryl Klassen of J.D. Miner Continue reading The Darryl Klassen (J.D. Miner) Interview