The Famished Roots of Violent Extremism

by Wanda Waterman The Voice, Volume 22 Issue 41 2014-10-17 Film: Horses of God Director: Nabil Ayouch Writer: Jamal Belmahi, based on the book by Mahi Binebine “I was very interested in violence itself because I believe violence has a source. It has a reason why; it doesn’t come from the sky. I was interested in the genesis of violence.” – Nabil Ayouch “The name that can be named is not the eternal name.” – The Tao Te Ching On the 16th of May, 2003, 12 suicide bombers set off explosions in five different locations in Casablanca, Morocco—locations chosen for … Continue reading The Famished Roots of Violent Extremism

Every Day We’ll See the Dust (Too much, the Sahara Bus)

Film:The Piano in the Sands(Le Piano Des Sables) Director: Arnaud Petitet Genre: Documentary “I can assure you that there is a real beauty of the human being—there is sheer refinement. Man is really immeasurably big and beautiful, and he doesn’t always know it.” – Marc Vella Hey, let’s put a baby grand on the back of a bus and tour the Maghreb. What could possibly go wrong? Marc Vella, a piano virtuoso, has been doing this for more than two decades, visiting more than forty countries in the process. All in a mission to “celebrate humanity” as a participant in … Continue reading Every Day We’ll See the Dust (Too much, the Sahara Bus)