The KyAzMa Interview

KyAzMa uses a vast array of electronic sounds and found sounds along with acoustic instruments (guitar, piano, cello, and flute, to name a few) and stirring musical arrangements to carry Moon’s mind-plumbing lyrics, sung enchantingly by the two perfectly blended voices. Continue reading The KyAzMa Interview

The Mouths of Babes Interview

“Songwriting has a magical quality about it sometimes that still surprises me. There’s a way that words can flow out before I think of them and before I know what they mean, and then I write them down and all by themselves they make something beautiful, and they make sense, and they rhyme.” ~Ty Greenstein of Mouths of Babes Continue reading The Mouths of Babes Interview

Song as Radiograph: The Rachid Taha Interview

“Since I started making music I’ve worked with some very interesting people, some in the field of techno-progressive music listening, and at the same time I’ve been listening to Arab singers like Oum Kalthoum. I’ve also listened to a lot of intellectuals, writers, and painters, who’ve enriched me by helping me evolve. This is my wealth.” ~Rachid Taha Continue reading Song as Radiograph: The Rachid Taha Interview