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Ten Hardships to Embrace

The name of “Pollyanna,” the child heroine invented by Eleanor Porter in 1913, is often used (by people who haven’t read the book) to mean shallow, blind optimism. But a careful reading of the book holds a different story. Continue reading Ten Hardships to Embrace


ARCHIVES: The Sam Baker Interview

A Million Shining Things Sam Baker is a Texan singer-songwriter whose first CD, Mercy, in 2004 brought him an ardent and extensive following in North America and Europe. Two decades ago Sam survived a bomb blast perpetrated by Peru’s Shining Path rebels. On January 29, 2008 he took the time to discuss this event— and how it changed him— with Wanda Waterman. Train to Machu Picchu It was 1986, and I was in Peru with some friends. We went to Lima and from there to Cuzco to catch the train to Machu Picchu. We were going there for the Inti … Continue reading ARCHIVES: The Sam Baker Interview