4 December 2010

Last Wednesday I was chatting online with a friend in Giza, Egypt, when she mentioned that she couldn’t go outside that day because of a conflict between Muslims and Christians. According to her a little girl in a nearby school had been killed in the scuffle.

Another friend near Cairo said that the Christians had been granted a permit for a community centre and had furtively turned the building into a church. When the government demanded that the parish obtain the proper permit, the Christians rioted.

Yet another Egyptian stated that Egypt is fair to Christians, allowing them to worship freely. Christians, he said, are always trying to make it look like the government is discriminating against them.

A fourth, when I asked why the followers of the man who counseled cheek-turning and enemy loving could justify throwing rocks and molotov cocktails, responded dispassionately: “All we Egyptians are like that.”

NPR’s take on it

Washington Post

Al Jazeera




Chronicles of Cruiscin Lan — Wanda Waterman St. Louis Vol. 18 Iss. 48 2010-12-03

In Conversation With . . .
Africa Genesis Foundation, Part II
— Wanda Waterman St. Louis Vol. 18 Iss. 48 2010-12-03

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