There is No Revolution But

by Wanda Waterman

There is no revolution but

The inner revolution of

The deeper revolution of

The utter revolution of the soul,

And I am only free when I

Can feel that I am free to

Truly know that I am free

Within my soul.

And now that I know this I can

Begin to know the bliss of

Disavowing all the fibs

That haunt the land,

And the forest’s fragrant hush

Persuades my sleeping blood to rush

Because the time

For revolution is at hand.

4 thoughts on “There is No Revolution But

  1. La révolution , c’est le pouvoir d’écarter les uns pour mettre à leur place les autres . L’idéal c’est l’évolution !!!!!!!!, et là le chemin est encore long
    trop long .
    avec toute mon amitié.


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