Film: Rubber (Realitism Films 2010)

Writer/Director: Quentin Dupieux

Cast: Stephen Spinella, Jack Plotnick, Wings Hauser, Roxane Mesquida, Ethan Cohn, Charley Koontz

Genre: Drama

We Go ’Round and ’Round and ’Round in the Tire Game

Robert the abandoned tire awakens to his own unique reality: he’s alone in a gravelly desert somewhere in the American southwest. It ain’t pretty, so he starts rolling.

When he falls he rises again. When confronted with an obstacle, he rolls around it and just keeps going. When he sees something new he stops to scrutinize it. Soon he starts quivering with rage at the sight of the bottles and cans that litter his path. He crushes them beneath his unwieldy girth. If the name “Robert” is an allusion to Robert the Bruce, it’s certainly apt.

But squishing things isn’t enough; Robert’s fury grows, and soon he’s concentrating the full weight of his existential tire-angst against the littered objects, causing them to explode with a wish. (continue)

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