Casting Your Bread on the Water and Watching it Return to you a Hundredfold

The Mindful Bard: Who Cares?

Wanda Waterman
The Voice Magazine, Volume 22 Issue 17 2014-04-25

Film: Who Cares

Director: Mara Mourão

“We are not guests here. We create our own life. We create our own world. Before we create our world we must imagine what kind of world we want to create and then start doing that.”
-Muhammad Yunus, founder of Kiva, a global organization that provides micro-loans to the poor

“I define ideas like a parachute. A parachute is a wonderful achievement only when it is used for what it’s meant for. If you wrap a parachute around yourself it becomes a useless object, but if you go to a high altitude and jump you must release your parachute so it comes out open . . . Ideas are things you should be able to throw open.”
-Isaac Durojaiye, founder of DMT Mobile Toilets, Nigeria

As a child, Karen Tse had nightmares about people being tortured. She’d wake up relieved to realize it was just a dream, only to become tormented again by the thought that somewhere in the world this dream was a reality.

Karen eventually founded International Bridges to Justice, an organization devoted to ending torture. She’s been amazingly successful in advocating on behalf of torture victims and also in compelling some countries to end torture. Despite being surrounded by naysayers, she’s convinced that torture, like slavery, is something that can be ended.

She’s become a social entrepreneur. (Read the rest here.)

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