Palestine: A Message to My People

Ignorance and Wisdom

To stop the violence in Israel-Palestine we have a two-fold front of increasing compassion and eliminating ignorance. So many false histories and misinformation is propagated between the peoples of Israel and Palestine from birth. This must stop. Right now I address you, Palestine, and I will first dispel three of your most egregious myths with the truth.

First, the Jewish Holocaust happened and it was one of the worst human catastrophes witnessed in recorded history. More than 6 million Jews were killed; millions more displaced from their homes; and the attempt was made to rid them and their culture from the earth. Fortunately, Abbas has acknowledged publicly the gravity of this stain on human history. But for Palestinian children in Gaza not to be taught that the Holocaust occurred, or that the Jews have no historical right to the land whatsoever is an ignorance which can only lead to theā€¦

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