Sharp Instincts, A Good Team, and Great Stories: How to Pick a Winning Independent Film

In Conversation: With Luc Déry of micro_scope

by Wanda Waterman
The Voice Magazine, Volume 22 Issue 25 2014-06-20

Luc Déry meets me at Café La Rue et Fils in Montreal on a crisply cold and brilliantly sunny May morning. The café is crowded with professionals tanking up for the morning fray, so he suggests we conduct the interview at one of the tables outside.

He’s a serene soul with kindly blue eyes and a reserved politesse, and is apparently quite well known here—our discussion is often punctuated by greetings as people come and go.

It hasn’t been easy to get an interview with this award-winning film producer; I’d started asking last year, but at that time he was busy at the Cannes film festival; Déry and Kim McCraw are the producers of micro_scope, a rapidly rising star in Canadian independent film.(Read the rest here.)

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