The Basic Logic of Fingers and Strings (Michael Gauthier Interview, Part III)

by Wanda Waterman

The Voice Magazine, Volume 22 Issue 28 2014-07-18

Michael Gauthier is a Montreal-based jazz musician who teaches guitar at the University of Montreal and at McGill University. His guitar sound is characterised by a warm, earthy bluesiness with the technical skill of a jazz master. A longtime fixture of the Montreal jazz scene, his memory houses a vast firsthand knowledge of the history of jazz in Montreal since the sixties. Recently he took the time to answer Wanda Waterman’s questions about learning music by ear, entering “the zone,” and accompanying spoken word performances. After viewing the first and second parts of this article, his music can be sampled and purchased here.

Extrapolating from an Incomplete Guitar
I didn’t rationalize this, but I thought that if I could learn the Third Man theme at 10 years old on a guitar with just two strings, then I could just extrapolate and eventually learn how to play anything I heard on a record, and that’s what I did. To this day, I will only reach for music sheets in dire desperation in the event that I can’t figure something out. (Read the rest here.)

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