Marion Milner: Psychoanalyst of the Creative Psyche

The Mindful Bard is all about supporting creative types (artists, explorers, scientists, problem-solvers, social capital investors, et al) with inspiration, motivation, healing, self-knowledge, compassion, and effective tools. To this end we publish pieces on mindful living— ideas, interviews with creative folks, comics, videos, and soundbites that inform and inspire social consciousness, creative thinking, and authentic art. We also recommend books, music, and films that inspire good art and social transformation (or that are just plain fun!).



British psychoanalyst Marion Milner devoted a large part of her study and practice to an understanding of the creative process. Here are just a few of her insights:

  • Creativity is related to psychic health.
  • The creative process doesn’t renew something that existed before but rather makes something new.
  • Surrendering the rational ego can lead to moments of profound understanding.
  • Creativity is linked to a fearlessness in exploring the unconscious.
  • Art repeats the illusion that we are one with the other (the same illusion that we were born with, that is, that we are one with our mothers).
  • Creativity can be a means of experiencing transcendance.
  • It’s necessary to grant your own personal meaning to your every day world.
  • There’s a strong psychological link between creativity and mysticism.

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