We Need to Talk: Mindful Interviews With Perspicacious Minds


Director Richie Mehta (Part I)
Richie Mehta, Part II

Richie Mehta

Mehmet Polat, Part II

Mehmet Polat, Part I
Adam Moore

William Susman

Helen Grime

Steve Bell

Steve Bell, Part II

Steve Bell

Leah Warshawski, Part II

Leah Warshawski


The Honeyrunners, Part II

The Honeyrunners, Part I

Fierce Bad Rabbit, Part II

Fierce Bad Rabbit, Part I

Gillian Sze

Susan Malmstrom, Part II

Susan Malmstrom, Part I

Michael Gauthier, Conclusion

Michael Gauthier, Part III

Michael Gauthier, Part II

Michael Gauthier, Part I

Luc Déry of micro_scope

Don Rosenthal, Part III

Don Rosenthal, Part II

Jack Malmstrom, Part II

Jack Malmstrom, Part I

Don Rosenthal, Part I

Patrick Woodcock, Conclusion

Patrick Woodcock, Part III

Patrick Woodcock, Part II

Patrick Woodcock, Part I

Marc Vella, Part II

Marc Vella

Jacob Scheier, Part II

Jacob Scheier, Part I

Adrian Sutherland of Midnight Shine
with Suzie LeBlanc, Part III

Suzie LeBlanc, Part II

Suzie LeBlanc, Part I

With Matt Zimbel of Manteca, Part II

With Matt Zimbel of Manteca, Part I
Billy Martin
Billy Martin, Part I

Rachid Taha

Christine Tassan

Elizabeth Shepherd

Mo Kenney

Daniela Nardi

Sienna Dahlen

Karin Ericsson Back of Irmelin, Part II

Karin Ericsson Back of Irmelin, Part I

Mario Rusca

Jay Nash, Part II

Jay Nash, Part I

Patricia Deslauriers, Part II

Patricia Deslauriers, Part I

Missy Mazzoli
Ingrid D. Johnson, Part II

Ingrid D. Johnson, Part I

A Syrian Kurd—
Part IV: Masters and Slaves

A Syrian Kurd, Part III

A Syrian Kurd, Part II

A Syrian Kurd

Giacomo Gates, Part II

Giacomo Gates, Part I

Thought Beneath Film, Part II

Thought Beneath Film, Part I

The Carolina Chocolate Drops
The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Part I

John Hollenbeck

Toby Beard, Part II

Toby, Part I

Hauschka, Part II

Hauschka, Part I
Lel Wa Ain, Part II

Lel Wa Ain

Paul Leighton, Part II

Paul Leighton, Part I

Ensemble Polaris Part II

Ensemble Polaris, Part I

Gescha, Part II

Gescha, Part I
Blackstone, Part IV
Justin Rain: On Playing Alan Fraser, Part II

Blackstone, Part III

Blackstone, Part II
Ashley Callingbull

Blackstone, Part I

Nazim Elnur

J. D. Miner, Part II

J. D. Miner, Part I 

Magnetic Ear, Part II

Magnetic Ear, Part I

Ammar AlShukry

Charge of the Light Brigade, Part II
Charge of the Light Brigade 

Amanda Martinez, Part II

Amanda Martinez, Part I

Gabi Epstein
Stacey Kent, Part III

Stacey Kent, Part II

Stacey Kent, Part I
Home Routes, Part I

Meklit Hadero, Part II
Meklit Hadero, Part I

Africa Genesis Foundation, Part II

Africa Genesis Foundation, Part I

Ben Jaffe

Kilmore Place

William MacGillivray

Patricia Talem

Mark Duggan

Cochemea Gastelum, Part III

Cochemea Gastelum, Part II

Cochemea Gastelum, Part I

Janet Klein, Part III

Janet Klein, Part II

Janet Klein, Part I

Jeff Reilly

Home Routes, Part II

Home Routes, Part I

John Wall Barger

Conjunto Roque Moreira
Scott Lanaway

In Conversation with Dinuk Wijeratne

Melinda Tankard Reist, Part II

Melinda Tankard Reist, Part I

Dinuk Wijeratne, Part II

Christos Stassinopoulos, Part II

Christos Stassinopoulos, Part I

The Yes Men

Robert Michaels

Fort Fairfield

Dinuk Wijeratne, Part I

Juzzie Smith

Gordie Tentrees

Jan Wouter Oostenrijk
Chris Rehage

Giant Hand

Alex Kajumulo, Part I

Garage á Trois

Cynthia Sayer, Part II

Cynthia Sayer, Part I

Rita Shelby, Part II

Rita Shelby, Part I

Alex Kajumulo, Part II

Alex Kajumulo, Part I
Girl + the Machine

Patrick Brealey

Marco Benevento

Gregory Pepper and His Problems, Part II

Gregory Pepper, Part I

Gurf Morlix

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Ian McKay, Part II

Ian McKay, Part I


Greg Herriges

Spookey Ruben

Conrad Praetzel

Rah Rah

Rose Laughlin
The Spinney Brothers

The Paint Movement

Fred Turner

Adam Boyle of Left of Zero
Jonathan Byrd

Rennie Sparks of The Handsome Family
Todd Snider

Tina Piper of Creative Commons Canada

Andy Flinn of T@b, Part II

Andy Flinn of T@b

Jon Middleton of Jon and Roy
Jeff Bryant of The Human Statues

Patrice Boulianne of Blou

Jeanne (Doucet) Currie

Francesco Casetti

Ron Morse, General Manager of Wind-up Records

Rod Hodges of the Iguanas

Del McCoury

Doctor Sparkles

Elisa Albert

Reginald Shepherd: More Than a Product of Circumstance

Library Voices

In Conversation With . . .
Jacob McArthur Mooney

Gareth Jones, Lead Singer of People in Planes

Mic Boyd: Writing to the Beat

Matt Zimbel of Manteca, Part II

Matt Zimbel of Manteca, Part II

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