PARIS: Pause and Reflect

Edward Gorey
Edward Gorey

Our hearts go out to the victims (and their loved ones) of last night’s terror attacks in Paris. To add to the pain, a former American CIA officer is blaming the attacks on Islamic ideology and exhorting the powers that be to mount a strong offensive.

Her statements couldn’t be further from the truth and are a disguised attempt to incite violence against our Muslim friends and loved ones. Please, let’s not let terrorist attacks or anti-Muslim propaganda freeze our hearts toward the Syrian refugees we’re preparing to help.

We got the news here in Tunisia from my husband’s cousin, living in Paris. He could very well have been one of the victims had he decided to go out for dinner. We urge him to stay home.

As my husband leaves for work he tells me, “Please— stay in the house. At least until they catch the terrorists.”

He smiles. He’s half joking. But only half.

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