Letter From Lady Gerund (excerpt)

Waterman photo

Lady Climateus Gerund

Gerund Castle


Isle of Mull




23 May 1907

Dearest Mr. Zanzibar:

I can’t tell you with what pleasure I received your announcement that you had found for me a suitable candidate to captain The Chancetorium. However I cannot silence my fears regarding Miss Little’s age. Furthermore, the fact that her parents were being hunted down by police gives me cause for concern.

At the very least, my friend, please inform me as to how the tragic life of this poor waif has prepared her for the difficulties which would accompany her sea voyages.

May I remind you that the Chancetorium is a round vessel like the coracles used by the old Irish monks but much larger and more comfortable. She will be safe and well fed, for sure, and yet the purpose of the Chancetorium is to research the nature of chance, and thus the Chancetorium cannnot be steered in any direction by anyone or anything but the forces of nature.

If you can provide me with a few more details from Mercy’s life and convince me how they render her suitable for the job, I will immediately come and visit you in Greece to meet the child for myself.

Cordially yours,


Climateus Gerund

(Excerpt from The Wondrous Chancetorium of Mercy Be Little by Wanda Waterman)

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