Gideon’s Army: Prioritize Creativity

gideonsarmycutoutGideon’s Army is a New York-based band known for its heart-pumping southern rock style. Founder Robert Bray, shown here, wrote nearly all the lyrics and music for their first album, Burn For the Living, as well as for their second album, King of the League, released January 2016.


“I prioritize creativity. Even when life’s pressing responsibilities are taking up most of my time. I wake up earlier or stay up later. If that’s not possible, I steal away to the bathroom or the stairwell during work hours and I create. I’d prefer to have my whole day free to create, but that’s only my reality some of the time right now.

Great art grows the spirit. Elevates it. A great song is like a great film, or a great book, or a great play, or a great dance, or a great meal, or a great conversation. Absorb, absorb, absorb.  I’ve come out of the cinema or theatre, and all of a sudden I could lend language to an area of experience that I couldn’t lend language to before; all of a sudden I had a sense of humour about a subject that I didn’t have before. It’s profound, the effects of the arts. More arts. Yes!

My mission as an artist is to continue playing at the edge, exploring the depths and crevices of this creative and musical instrument, to share with the world my most exuberant self, my most noble thoughts, and my most profound experiences, and to rock ‘n roll all of the days of my life.”

~Robert Bray


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