Patrick Woodcock: Art as Sacred Practice

Book launch for You can’t bury them all April 28th, 2016. Patrick Woodcock (left) performed with Toronto’s Dilan Dance Company. Dancer: Paromita Kar. Kaval player: Siar Yetim. Choreography: Fethi Karakecili.

For me, spirituality and salvation are only attainable through the creation or consumption of art. I see absolutely no other reason to live than for art.

Science helps us live longer so we can do what? Breed? Yes, but why breed? It’s only through art that the best of humankind is shown. Literature, film, music . . .  all of the fine arts have outlasted, beaten, and condemned all our worst atrocities.

We desire to live through difficult and tragic times so we can one day enjoy life or help others enjoy life. Would you want to live in a world without the violin, cello, and guitar, or live in a community without access to films, books, sculptures, or paintings?

Not even the beauty of nature holds me but instead directs me back. When I go for a long hike, swim in the ocean, climb a mountain— when all of it is done, all I want to do is return to my cottage and my little desk to write.

~ Patrick Woodcock in an interview with Wanda Waterman, May 2016

(You can find notes and photos related to You can’t bury them all, Woodcock’s most recent book here.)


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