Believe in Me

This song was based on a French poem by my insightful songwriting partner, Chantal Lepage. It talks about a crucial phase in the lives of a pair of close friends or lovers — when one of them experiences a major positive life change.

Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself: Your relationship is rolling along smoothly, with ups and downs, to be sure, but you’re both comfortable. Your beloved partner sticks with you through the rough spots, you resolve your conflicts, and keep on keeping on. But what happens when finally you get that great job you’ve been working for, or that movie role, or that gold medal?

Sometimes relationships that are good at weathering hardship have a harder time getting through success. But success can be a challenge, and knowing how to support and enable your partner through success is one of the skills necessary to relational harmony.

After Chantal sent me the poem, with the kind of serendipity that often blesses Wanda’s World, Italian composer Giorgio Finetti sent me a tune that was perfect for it.

Those are the thoughts. Here are the feelings.

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