Crois Tu En Moi

Watch “Crois Tu En Moi” here.

This is the French language version of the song “Believe in Me,” co-written with Chantal Lepage and Girogio Finetti. This version carries, it seems to me, a more intense meaning, but that may just be the French talking.

After singing this song many times I’ve had to ask myself if this applies to me personally. I based the song “Believe in Me” on Chantal’s text “Crois Tu En Moi,” which, I believe was a deeply personal text for her, charting the dangerous territory of moving into achievement despite a perceived lack of support from a significant other.

In my case I couldn’t care less about support from my significant other. Correction: support from my partner isn’t necessary to the achievement of my personal goals. A lack of support, however, does have a slightly negative impact on our relationship.

A word to the wise (at least those wise among you who are living with artists): Try to be encouraging.

The music and the video were created by Giorgio Finetti. The words were written by Chantal Lepage.

You can see it here.

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