Twelve Resolutions for Limiting the Harm of the “Free” Market

Wanda Waterman

  1. Whereas the free market contributes to global warming by transporting food to us from all over the world, be it resolved that we will grow and purchase most if not all of our food near our homes.
  2. Whereas income tax collection is unfair to the poor, be it resolved that we will barter and trade goods and services at every opportunity.
  3. Whereas the free market encourages heartless competition in order to augment the GDP and whereas competition is damaging to human relationships, be it resolved that we reject competition and instead work together so that all our boats really do rise together.
  4. Whereas most celebrities in distant cities have nothing to say to our lives as we live them and whereas the practice of shipping celebrities around the world is often a huge waste of money and adds to global warming, be it resolved that we will go out of our way to support the musicians, artists, actors, and other entertainers in our own neighborhoods.
  5. Whereas the free market presumes to provide every one of our human needs — from food, shelter, and clothing to love, sex, and self-actualization, be it resolved that we avoid processed food, pornography, status-seeking buying habits, and virtual reality.
  6. Whereas the free market has dedicated far too much time and money to convincing us to purchase vehicles that pollute, be it resolved that we will avoid owning private vehicles as much as is possible, depending on public transport, bicycles, and our own feet, and doing as much as possible close to home.
  7. Whereas the bulk of consumer goods bring no happiness and simply add to the burdens of life, be it resolved that we will purchase nothing unless it is absolutely necessary or sure to bring a generous helping of joy into our lives.
  8. Whereas industrialization is not an evil in itself but can in fact prove an effective tool in the construction of a just society, be it resolved that we take every opportunity to limit industry’s freedom to kill, injure, and pollute, and seek every means possible of using technology for the good of the planet.
  9. Whereas the military-industrial complex has tended, if unchecked, to render human beings no more than cogs in a machine, be it resolved that we live in love, seeking more occasions to laugh, celebrate, discuss, and share warmth and solidarity with everyone we meet.
  10. Whereas the free market has often benefited from war and terrorism, be it resolved that arms must no longer be sold but rather donated to what may be considered worthy causes, and only after donations of food, shelter, and medical supplies are donated to those most likely to suffer from the proposed conflict.
  11. Whereas the free market strives mightily to persuade us to buy new by building obsolescence into machines and extolling the virtues of new models, be it resolved that we will maintain and utilize the best examples of bygone technology.
  12. Whereas spirituality, nature, and the arts have been been enriching human lives for far longer than has technology, be it resolved that these be consciously nurtured, protected, and respected in the interests of a serene humanity.




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