When Everything Starts Going Ugly

The vista beyond Mides Gorge in southern Tunisia.  Photo by Wanda Waterman

When things and people start looking empty and menacing, it’s a sign your heart is closing off, probably out of some mistaken fear. Don’t worry— you can reverse the downhill slide just by looking for love.

Look for love in trees that dare to thrive in concrete, in architecture that’s beautiful in spite of the ugliness around it, in loving couples, in mothers who stay calm when their babies cry.

There’s something else, and this one’s harder. Admit that for everything and everyone that you love deeply, you harbour a small amount of hatred. Be ruthless with yourself about this. Make yourself cry. Then pick yourself up and decide that from now on you’ll banish the bitterness from your heart, mind, and body and really let yourself feel the love. Just the love.

Because anything that is not love is delusion and deceit. Live in the real, in all its lovely forms.

Beauty is the brilliance of love.

Good deeds are the acts of love.

Mindful lovemaking is love’s feast, a reflection of the presence of God.

Nature holds love’s children.

Art is love applied.

Work is love’s strength.

Get busy. Angels are waiting to rejoice at your awakening.

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