I’ll Be At Work as Soon as I’m Done Attending to More Urgent Matters

Yes, I’ll be there, but right now I have some important things to do.

You can also name pressing matters that need my attention, but they’re not so pressing as the ones that demand my presence in this moment.

I know that if my delay costs you money you’ll have to let me go, but this is a risk I’m willing to take.

You can criticise me all you like; you can even call me lazy and irresponsible, but that won’t stop me from doing what must be done.

Rest assured that when I do arrive at work I’ll be serene, loving, enthusiastic. creative, organised, and efficient. This may win you more money, and at the very least it will bring some light into your world.

But this will only happen once I’m done with praying, meditating, walking, playing the banjo, and putting my house in order.

I’ll see you then.

Thanks for understanding.

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